So what is One Hour Escape?

Let me first get you back to the history 🙂
Not long time ago, in the year 2004 in Japan the first popular escape game – „Crimson Room“ was created by a guy name Toshimitsu Takagi.. And yes, it was a video game. In this game the player is locked in a hotel room and needs to find the way to get out.
3 years later the first real life escape game saw the world in Japan. The idea was same, but the room was real, with real riddles and puzzles in it.
Years go by and room escape games spreading fast. Nower days this adventure games can be found almost in every big city and this young idea is becoming a really big trend.

Ok.. enough of history. What is this game about and how to play?

It all starts when you and your group book the game and come to our location. Our manager will meet you and lead you in our waiting area where you can relax, take a cup of coffee and enjoy your last minutes of freedom… just joking… no coffee 😉 Our manager will explain you the rules and your mission, will give you some helpful advises and after the short introduction you are ready to go for it.
Next you will be lead in to the room. The door behind you will be closed and the countdown will start. You have 60 minutes to escape the room.
PS: Of course you can have a coffee while we explain you the mission 🙂

Ok.. but what exactly should I do in the room?

You just enter the room, start to watch around, observe and discuss with your team mates. In the room you will find a lot of objects that might help you. It can be an old vase, a small lamp, a clock or an unknown round thing – make sure you watch all of them carefully, everything might give you a clue. You will need to use what you’ve found, to crack codes, to find locks, to search for keys and open hidden compartments. You need all your width and craftiness to think out of the box and solve all the riddles in time.
What are the riddles? – this I can not tell you! We make no spoilers, so you have to face it yourself.
Sure only the team players will succeed. This game is not for single players, it will need a collective brain – make sure you share what you found with your friends and eventually you will see how important team work can be.

I see now… But will I need some special knowledge or skills?

It requires no special skills or knowledges and is not physically challenging. You have to know basic English or German language and to be able to work in a team.
The only thing you will really need is your BRAIN.

Can I at least prepare for the game?

No, you can’t. Our mazes are kept in secret and you never know what to expect- and this is one of the most exciting parts of the game!

How big the groups should be for playing this game?

Depending on the game/mission the maximum quantity of players can be 6 or 14. The minimum group size is 2 people.
If your group is bigger than 14 please conact us for more information.

May I come and play alone?

This is a game which requires team play, it’s almost impossible to play it through alone.
You still can book the whole session for you alone and take this challenge. In this case you will have to pay a minimum price of 2 people and we can not guarantee you same fun as it would be in a team.
For single players we advice to check news on our facebook– from time to time we might make sessions for single players to get you together in a team.

Is there an age restriction?

The game is not recommended for kids younger than 7 years old. Children from 7 till 11 can play accompanied by an adult.

We want to make a kids party. Can we let them play your game?

Sure. Children are one of the best players of all. They are very fast with figuring out the ways of solving riddles and perfect in thinking out of the box.
You can come with your group in the room (under 12 y.o.) and help them along the game, or you can stay outside (above 12 y.o.) have a cup of coffee and watch via TV how they play.
You don’t have to worry if your small riddlers will make it in time or not. Our game manager follows the game process via cameras and has a possibility to give hints to players accordingly to the situation they are stuck in. The successful escape for kids is guarantied.

I don’t speak English or German. Can I still play?

The game includes a couple of writings in English or German languages at choice. Also before the game you will need to listen and understand the Mission and some rules of our game, that our manager will tell you.
This means that you will need to have a minimum knowledge of Engl. or Germ. However, as long as you have at least one person in your team who speaks one of these languages and can translate it for you- you will be fine.

What if we really can’t figure out the puzzle? Do we just sit there for one hour?

If you are stuck and don’t know what to do next, you have a possibility to ask for a hint. There is a camera in the room, we are watching your progress and are ready to help you any time.
But if you want the real challenge- you can try to refuse taking hints, counting only on you and your team.

Can we play duel?

Sure. If your group-size is 8 players and more you can play our game “The dream” in duel mode. That means we will divide your group in 2 and you will play against each other in real time. One team will try to complete the mission and the other team will try to catch the 1st one before they succeed. After this, the roles will be switched, and you play the other mission.

Does the game contain horror elements? Is is scary?

No. The story is exciting but there is nothing to be scared of in the room, nothing will pop out to scare you.

Can I use my camera or cell phone?

Nope. Usage of cell phones, electronic devices or any other outside tools is prohibited. You can take your cell phone with you in the game if you are waiting for an important call, but please don’t use it for playing the game or making pictures and videos of the riddles.

What time do I need to arrive?

You don’t need to come earlier than 5 minutes before your scheduled game. Just make sure to not be late.

What if we are late?

Since our time schedule is fixed and we might have groups after you, its very important that you arrive in time. Depending on your delay time we cannot guarantee that you will be still able to play.
Its not a big deal thought if you are a few minutes late. In this case we would be grateful if you could call us.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card payments on our website.

If for some reason you are not able to pay with the card, please conact us, for sure we will find a solution.

What if I want to bring extra people to the booked game?

You can bring extra people to the game, just make sure that your group is not bigger then 6 players. For extra people the surcharge will be taken on site in cash .

What if we are less people then we booked for?

Make sure that you are at least 2 people in the end (or at least 8 people for the duel).

It would be nice if you would give us a short notice per email or phone about the changes to the group size.

Can I cancel my booking or change the date of the game?

Yes, that is possible. However, we have a fixed schedule and many groups that book their dates well in advance. It may be that we can no longer fill the date you want to cancel with another group. Also, we set the work schedule for our game masters well in advance. Therefore we have to charge a fee for cancellations:

Prepayment of CHF 20.00 made online with a credit card at the time of booking will not be refunded in case of cancellation or date/time changing.
(Exceptions: cancellation of bookings made on the same day).

Please pay attention that our payment system’s processing fee will not be refunded to you. Once the payment is made, the Stripe (our payment system) charges a fee (around 3%) for processing this payment. This amount is non-refundable and it will be charged regardless if you played the game or not.
We are asking you for understanding.

Can people with a disability also participate?

Our rooms are located downstairs and are not wheelchair-accessible, since you would need to go up and down the stairs.
There are some plcces in one of the games where you would need to go down under around 1 m high opening in the wall, that means that you will need to be able to bend down / go on your knees.
In our rooms we are using elektromagnets (strength max. 60kg). If you are having a heart pacemaker please make sure electromagnets are not harmful for you, and then let us instruct you about locations of the magnets that you will have to avoid in the game.

Is it possible to purchase a voucher/gift certificate?

Yes, we offer gift certificates. The value is up to you.
We have voucher cards, nice coins and puzzle boxes in case you want to upgrade your gift. All can be picked up in one of our locations (please contact us to set the time) or sent to you per post.
You can also have your voucher as a pdf and print it yourself.
To buy a voucher and for more information please visit our page of vouchers.

Can I just come spontaneously?

It’s needed to book the game in advance on your website – it’s very easy and fast done.
For last minute availability please call us +41 61 501 71 51

Can pregnant women also participate?

The game is exciting so you might feel thrilled. But there’s nothing more dangerous in the game then in your own house. No climbing or running etc. is required, so it should not be a problem for pregnant women to play. Despite this, we should notify you that all players are fully responsible for any of their health issues.

Do you have a toilet?

We have even 2.

I liked your game very much. Can I become a part of it?

Sure! From time to time we have open vacancies and are searching fun and active people for our team.
Also we are always open for new creative ideas and cooperations, so just contact us if you have something to say. We would love to hear from you.

If you played our game and are unhappy with any part of it, please let us know. We will be happy to become better!

We are also open for franchising options. Please contact us if you would like us to help you to build your own escape games in your city.