One Hour Escape voucher

– it’s the special and unusual gift for those you love.
We are offering a gift certificates on any amount. You can choose a voucher as a gift card, voucher in our special puzzle box or a voucher as a coin. All the vouchers you can pick up on both of our locations or we can send it to you per mail.
If you are running out of time and want to print out the voucher yourself, you can also get a it as a PDF document.

Our vouchers are valid for all the One Hour Escape games.

To buy One Hour Escape voucher please fill the form below.
Prices include delivery. If you would like to pick up your voucher in our location please contact us.
Buying a gift certificate you will receive a special code with which you or the recipient of the gift will be able to book any of our rooms on our website.

If you already have the voucher and want to book the game, please choose one of our rooms here.

Fun way to give a gift

Not only the gift should be unusual but also the way of giving it. If you want to make a really unexpectable surprise, we can offer you to hide your gift in our game! While solving mazes and trying to escape.



You can find our special offers for bigger groups and different events here
CHF 44 Per Person
CHF 38 Per Person
CHF 34 Per Person
CHF 32 Per Person
CHF 29 Per Person
Family offer
CHF 114