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Are you looking for something unique and fun to get your staff working together?

Playing in One Hour Escape is a great way for everyone to improve logical thinking, effective communication and creative problem solving while under time pressure.
In such a completely different environment to your office you may see new sides of your coworkers. And if your team members are new to each other, One Hour Escape will become a perfect ice breaker.

Our offers depend on your group size (rules might vary due to COVID-restrictions):

  • If your group is smaller than 7 players you can book any of our games directly online.
  • If your group consists of 8 to 14 players and you want to play the same game at the same time we recommend our Duel-Mode in the “Dream” room. It offers an additional adrenaline rush when the teams play against each other. The price is CHF 29.00 per person.
  • You can also choose to play 3 different games in the same location: the “Dream”, the “Bomb” and the “Cell Nr. 2”. In this variant we can host groups of up to 25 people at the same time.
  • If you have a group larger than 25 people, you could send your players to us after each other, group by group.
The games can be paid online with a credit card or via bank transfer.

If you need more information or an advice specifically to your group, please contact us per email contact@onehourescape.ch or call us +41 61 501 71 51 and we will make you an offer for your group size (an offer you can’t refuse 😉 ).

Are you planning a children’s party? Let us help you out.

Our game is just as fun for children as for grown-ups: challenging and stimulating, it teaches how to work as a team.

With our special offer “Kids Escape” you not only get the simplified version of the game, but also the reduced price of CHF 132.- for groups of 2-7 children aged between 8 and 16 years.

  • If your group consists of 2-7 children, please don’t hesitate to book a game directly on our website. Choose the option “Kids Escape” while booking.
  • If your group is 8 – 14 children, we can offer you to play the game “Dream” in the Kids Duel-Mode. The price for the Kids Duel is CHF 195.-
  • Children aged between 13 and 16 years can also play our game “Cell Nr. 2”. With the “Cell Nr. 2” and the “Dream” games played at the same time we can host up to 20 children at the same time in the same location.

If the children are younger than 11-12, please have an adult to accompany them in the game (2 adults in the Duel-Mode and 3 adults for more than 14 children). If they are older than 11-12 you can relax on the sofa with a cup of coffee while they play.

If you need more information or an advice specificly to your group, please contact us per email contact@onehourescape.ch or call us +41 61 501 71 51 and we will make you a custom offer for your group.

It’s your birthday – the day you’ve been waiting for all year! Or maybe it’s a gift for your friend who doesn’t know yet what to expect from you?
Whether you’re turning 9 or 99, a room escape game is an unforgettably fun experience for you and all your guests.

One Hour Escape has a small gift for you: The game for the birthday person is free of charge!
For that, simply reserve a normal game for the actual number of players and show your ID before the game to get the discount.

This is valid for groups of three or more players of any age, only on the day of the birthday, and is not applicable for KidsEscape or Family offers. Please don’t forget to bring your ID with you!

If you have a present for your friend we can hide it inside the room. Just secretly hand it over to the game master right before the game and we’ll do the rest 🙂



Если вам нужна дополнительная информация или совет конкретно для вашей группы, свяжитесь с нами по электронной почте contact@onehourescape.ch или позвоните нам по телефону +41 61 501 71 51.

A family is the best kind of team there is, already knowing how to work – and play – together every day.
But will you manage to escape our room?

We offer a special family discount: CHF 132.00 for max. 2 adults and 1-5 children up to 16 y.o. For an extra fee of CHF 29.00 you can invite an additional grown-up to your game.

Our Family escape games are perfect for families with children aged 8 and older, though younger ones can also enjoy being included in the fun. The riddles are slightly modified to be solvable also by children, so that they can work together with adults to figure out the solution.

You can book this option online by clicking “Family” while booking. The game can be paid directly with a credit card or if you don’t have one we can send you an invoice.

Family VS Family? – Why not? You can try to compete against your friends in our duel room “The Dream”, where two groups play against each other in real time.

If you have any further questions please contact us per email contact@onehourescape.ch or call us +41 61 501 71 51.

The clock is ticking; you’re getting ready to take a big step in your life. Let us help you celebrate your “last night of freedom” – by locking you up.
We’ll be sure to make your hen or stag night an unforgettably fun experience for you and your friends.

Have you combined your party with that of your bride or groom-to-be? Book our duel room and find out once and for all who’ll wear the pants in your marriage.


You can find our special offers for bigger groups and different events here
CHF 47 Per Person
CHF 41 Per Person
CHF 37 Per Person
CHF 33 Per Person
CHF 31 Per Person
CHF 29 Per Person


  • Family Escape - CHF 132 (max. 2 adults and up to 4 children between 8 – 16 years)
  • Kids Escape - CHF 132 (up to 7 children between 8-16 years)
  • Kids Duell - CHF 195 (8 to 14 children between 8-16 years in the 'Dream')
  • Escape Guru - Play 2 different rooms in a row and get 15% discount for one of them
  • Birthday - The game is free for the birthday child


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