The dream

Usually the dreams of Amelia are full of colors and joy, but today something happened in her dream. The colors disappeared.
You need to go down into the deepest level of the girl’s dream and free the colors again. But be careful – if you don’t make it out in 1 hour you will have to stay in the black and white dream forever.

(No horror elements. The game is suitable for children.)

For groups of 8-12 players the game is available in the duel mode. Two groups play against each other in real time: one group has the mission to free the colors (good guys πŸ™‚ ), the other one needs to catch the 1st group (bad guys). After half an hour the groups switch the rooms and the roles.

  • Group size:
    3-12 participants
  • Difficulty:
    Medium hard
  • Duration:
    60 mins
  • Our record:
    32:16 min
  • Participant's age:
    until 13 with adults,
    from 13 alone

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Game location

Frobenstrasse 27
4053 Basel