Master Thief

Once again the Old Master Thief pulled off a brilliant heist! The stolen treasure is worth millions. The police has not found any clues.
But you, a group of amateur thieves, discovered the apartment of the old crook and are now planning to steal what has already been stolen – without getting your hands dirty.

The job appears not to be so easy: suddenly locked in the apartment you need to solve unexpected riddles and puzzles before the master thief comes back home.

Are you smart enough to avoid all the obstacles of the experienced thief, to steal the treasure and escape before you get caught?

  • Group size:
    2-6 participants
  • Difficulty:
  • Duration:
    60 mins
  • Our record:
    28:17 min
  • Participant's age:
    until 13 with adults,
    from 13 alone

Game location

Frobenstrasse 27
4053 Basel